Flexible Multi-Colored Plastic Tubing

Standard & Custom Flexible Plastic Tubing in Most Materials, Sizes

Flexible polyurethane tubing and flexible PVC tubing can be used to transfer liquids while preventing unwanted kinking and incomplete fluid transfers. Flexible plastic tubing offers unique benefits depending on the material composition of the tubing. Freelin Wade has been a trusted manufacturer of high-performance flexible plastic tubing for over 40 years. We supply industries with polyurethane, nylon, PVC, and polyethylene tubing for a wide range of application uses. All stock items in our inventory ship within 48 hours, and custom tubing capabilities are available with no minimum order requirement.
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Flexible Polyurethane, Nylon, PVC, and Polyethylene Tubing Benefits

Polyurethane Tubing Benefits

Freelin Wade’s advanced quality flexible polyurethane tubing is outstandingly flexible with a superior memory and is resistant to chemicals, kinks and abrasions alike. Polyurethane tubing offers an abrasion-resistant flexible tubing option that is resistant to chemicals with low gas permeability.

Colored & Clear Flexible Polyurethane Tubing Sizes

We offer highly versatile, flexible PU tubing in a range of sizes, configurations, and hardness levels. 

PVC Tubing Benefits

Clear PVC tubing is an economical tubing solution that provides a strong, clear tubing structure. This cost-effective tubing resists chemicals, oxidation and contamination and prevents sediment accumulation. Clear PVC tubing is chemically compatible with most gases, fuels, oils and low-grade acids and is transparent for easy fluid monitoring.

Flexible PVC Tubing Specifications

  • Temperature range: -30° to 150°F (-34° to 66°C)
  • Hardness: 80A durometer
  • Working pressure: 3:1 safety factor
  • Resin compliance: FDA (food contact), RoHS, REACH, USPVI, CA Prop 65, USPVI testing requirement
  • Suggested fittings: barb
  • Packaging options: 100’ bags, 200’ reels, 500’ reels, 1,000’ reels; samples also available

Flexible Nylon Tubing Advantages

Nylon flexible plastic tubing is the ideal solution for applications where media and/or environmental conditions make polyurethane tubing impractical. It is often used for gas sensing, suspension lines, fuel and oil transfer lines, chemical processing lines, hydraulic hoses, pick and place, robotics and more.

Nylon Tubing Specifications

  • Temperature Resistant from -60 degrees Fahrenheit to +200 degrees
  • Chemical Resistant to solvents, alkalis, oils, grease, petroleum, and fungal growth.
  • Corrosion Resistant

Flexible Polyethylene Tubing

Polyethylene tubing is flexible, lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant. Polyethylene tubing is an effective solution for a wide range of liquid, gas, and fluid transfer applications. PE tubing is FDA approved for food and beverage applications. Polyethylene tubing resists cracking, is puncture resistant and is an economical tubing choice.

Polyethylene Tubing Options

LLDPE tubing provides increased flexibility, tensile strength and conformability over standard polyethylene tubing. It is known for its environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) and puncture resistance.
Liquiflex-POE tubing offers chemical resistance equal to polyethylene, flexibility on par with polyurethane, and excellent memory. It is ideal for fluid handling, low pressure applications, or anywhere users need flexibility and FDA compliance.

Additional Flexible Plastic Tubing Products

Custom Flexible Tubing Capabilities

We can manufacture custom flexible plastic tubing in the material, sizes, jackets, printing, bundles, profiles, and colors that meet your exact specifications. We offer 28 standard colors and can custom match capabilities. Our custom flexible tubing capabilities offer you a cost-effective way to get the plastic tubes you want with the specification requirements you need. We also have flexible rubber tubing options available. 

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