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Metric Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing

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Weld spatter can destroy tubing. Metric weld spatter tubing is specifically designed to protect the inner tubing structure from damaging weld spatters. Our jacketed metric weld spatter resistant tubing is UL94VO rated and provides 360 degrees of protection. The cover is approximately .030 inches thick and does not adhere to the inner tube, allowing the jacket to be easily skived back for fitting connection with conventional compression, barb, or push-in fittings.

At Freelin-Wade, we produce high quality metric and standard weld spatter tubing that protects the inner polyurethane tubing from hot weld spatter damages. Contact us for more information regarding our metric weld spatter resistant hose products or call us at 888-373-9233 and we will gladly assist you with your project needs.

Literature and Additional Information

Metric Weld Spatter Tubing Protective Benefits

In addition to weld spatter, the specially-formulated jacket protects the metric tubing from a wide range of other potentially damaging agents such as:
  • Oils
  • Greases
  • Acids
  • Bases
  • Aqueous solutions
  • Ozone
  • Heat
  • Aging
  • Ultraviolet light

Jacketed Metric Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing Advantages

Freelin-Wade’s metric Weld Spatter tubing is specially designed for use in and around welding equipment or other extreme service applications. The inner tube’s ether based material’s excellent hydrolysis properties makes it suitable for use in water piping, pneumatic piping, and vacuum applications. Additional product benefits include:
  • Resistant to kink damage
  • Broad range of chemical resistance
  • Metric sizes
  • Can be formed into retractable coils
  • Protects tube from incidental weld spatter contact
  • Flexible with an excellent bend radius

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Contact us for more information regarding our metric weld spatter tubing product options or call us at 888-373-9233 and we will discuss your project’s exact specifications. Freelin-Wade is your premier source for advanced metric weld splatter resistant reinforced polyurethane hose and tubing products.