At Freelin-Wade have over 40 years of experience creating, developing and manufacturing plastic tubing solutions for a variety of industries. We have used our expertise to create this resource guide and provide some useful information to help you use our tubing or better understand the chemical composition, safety or uses for our tubing products. From our Plastic Tubing, Nylon Tubing, Polyethelyne Tubing and PVC Tubing to our full suite of Customization Capabilities, we are sure to have an answer to any questions you might have.
In addition to these resources, our customer service team members have real world experience and are happy to answer your questions. Please call us at 888-373-9233 with specific inquiries or Contact Us online and we will be happy to answer any inquiries you might have.

General Products and Services Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions – For general product info, tolerances, custom tubing options, online order info, DOT tubing and more.
  • Industries Served – View tubing options and applications by industry, ranging from pharmaceutical to food and beverage.

Plastic Tubing Materials Information

  • Ether vs Ester Polyurethane Tubing – For a complete breakdown on the advantages of Ether vs. Ester polyurethane tubing.
  • DEHP-Free Tubing – Benefits of Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate-free tubing for medical products and devices.
  • Conflict Materials - To the best of our knowledge none of Freelin-Wade’s tube or hose products, exclusive of fittings and accessories, contain any Conflict Materials.
  • Phthalate -Free Tubing – We have been producing phthalate-free, non-reinforced PVC tubing for over 10 years.
  • Polyurethane Vs. Polyethylene Tubing – Learn about the advantages, quality and composition of polyurethane and polyethylene tubing.

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