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Wholesale Coiled Tubing & Hoses

Coiled tubing and hoses are the right choice for a wide range of applications. At Freelin-Wade, our catalog includes a complete selection of coiled hoses and tubes.

Coiled Hoses

Coiled hoses feature reinforcement, which is a braided thread embedded in the walls of the hose, and reusable fittings. Coiled hoses are useful for a wide range of applications, including impact wrenches, air tools, blow guns and more.

Coiled Tubing

Unlike coiled hoses, tubing does not feature reinforcement or fittings. Choose tubing if you prefer to assemble a hose according to your own specifications, or if you need tubing for a large assembly. Use push-to-connect or standard fittings with coiled tubing.

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  • Excellent memory
  • Resistance to abrasion, overstretching, kinking and repeated flexing
  • Chemical resistance 

Twin Nylon Coiled Tubing

Twin hoses feature an intermittent bond that eliminates the need to tie-wrap or tape hoses together. Twin hoses are easy to fit an install. Our selection of twin hoses includes:

Custom Coiled Tubing & Hoses

Ask us about our coiling variations. We developed our own coiling technology that enables us to easily position tails in any length, and point them in any direction. The right tails mean that our coiled tubing and hoses are easier to use, cause less user fatigue and save  wear-and-tear on your tools. Our engineers are happy to work with you to design exactly the right coiled tubing or flexible hose for your needs… and we can make your coil from almost all of our tubing. If the tubing you want isn’t available in the color you desire, we can help with that too. Just ask!

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For more information about coiled hoses or tubing, contact Freelin-Wade at 888-373-9233 or request a quote.