Metric Static Dissipative Tubing

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Freelin-Wade’s 90A metric anti-static tubing utilizes a proprietary polyurethane material, instead of adding metallic or carbon fillers that make tubing less flexible, increase creep, decrease memory, and make the tubing less resistant to abrasion. Our special compound allows for the static charge to be released very slowly, so as not to cause sparks (which are caused by quick or sudden flow of current through air).

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Literature and Additional Information

Polyurethane Metric Static Dissipative Tubing Advantages

Static charges can be generated in numerous ways. Humans can only sense an ESD greater than 3,500 electrostatic volts. However, electronics can be damaged by an ESD as low as 100 electrostatic volts. Metric static dissipative tubing is designed to prevent static electricity from harming electronic devices. The benefits associated with this type of polyurethane tubing include:
  • Dissipative values are permanent and cannot be washed away
  • Ideal for low humidity environments
  • Metric sizes
  • Non-corrosive to electronic leads and components
  • Dissipates electrostatic charges with no chemical additives
  • Contains no conductive fillers and no particle emission

Metric Static Dissipative 90A Tubing Specifications

  • Dissipative Value: per EIA Std. 541
  • Volume Resistivity: 9.9x109 ohms-cm
  • Surface Resistivity: 9.9x109 ohms/sq
  • Temperature Range: -40° to 165°F (-40° to 74°C)
  • Tube Markings: none
  • Working Pressure: 3:1 safety factor
  • UV Stabilized
  • Suggested Fittings: barb

How Static Dissipative Tubing Prevents Static Electricity Buildup

Static electricity is a stationary charge of electricity on the surface of an object. The size of the object holding the charge and that object's capacitance are key factors in how big of a charge the object can hold. Plastic is a good capacitor, and a run of tubing can be quite long. If the media in the tubing is dry, you may have a recipe for static electricity buildup. If the tubing is near sensitive electronics, this static charge may be a problem. It's for this reason that we developed our metric static dissipative PU tubing products. 

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