Metric Nylon Tubing

  • Metric Nylon Tubing

Compared to other types of tubing materials, metric flexible nylon (polyamide) tubing provides high temperature and pressure resistance. Due to its light weight and corrosion resistant nature, Metric polyamide tubing is often substituted for metal. Metric nylon tubing’s unique material structure allows it to maintain exceptional chemical, abrasion, impact, and moisture resistance and dimensional stability.
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Metric Polyamide Tubing Specifications

When compared to other Nylon resins, Freelin-Wade's metric polyamide tubing allows for a lighter weight wall, greater flexibility and smaller bend radius. It is also more corrosion resistant than other types of Nylon tubing because of its resistance to moisture absorption. Our metric nylon tubing product specifications include:
Temperature Range:                -60° F to 200° F
Vacuum Rating;                       To 28” Hg
Tube Marking:                          FW Specifications
Working Pressure:                   4:1 Safety Factor
UV Stabilized:                          Yes
Resin Compliance:                   Meets UL94HB Testing Requirements
Suggested Fittings:                 Push-In, Compression 

Metric PA Tubing Features

Nylon material is known for its outstanding chemical, abrasion, impact, and moisture resistance and dimensional stability. Metric nylon polyamide tubing is used for a wide range of applications and provides an increased bend radius, with added light and heat stabilization. Additional features and benefits of metric nylon tubing include: 
  • Stress-Cracking Resistance: Our nylon tubing resists stress-cracking thanks to UV stabilization, which means it can be used in outdoor applications and in direct sunlight.
  • Lightweight Wall: This tubing is very light, making it easier to work with and useful for sensitive applications that need lightweight tubing.
  • Smaller Bend Radius: With a smaller bend radius than other types of tubing, our nylon tubes have better flexibility and can fit into complex designs.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Freelin-Wade’s nylon tubing is a good option for any application that involves saltwater, chemicals, or other corrosive materials.
  • Temperature Resistance: Our PA tubing can withstand temperatures from -60 degrees Fahrenheit to +200 degrees.
  • Chemical Resistance: Nylon tubing offers additional chemical resistance for chemicals including: solvents, alkalis, oils, grease, petroleum, and fungal growth.
  • FDA Approved: Ask us about our food grade tubing produced with FDA-approved materials. 

Metric Flexible Nylon Tubing Applications

Due to its low moisture absorption, Freelin-Wade’s metric nylon tubing is more corrosion resistant than other types of nylon tubing. It is heat and UV stabilized, making it resistant to stress-cracking, and ideal for use in outdoor applications with constant sun exposure. When compared to other nylon resins, our nylon tubing is also highly chemical resistant. Metric nylon tubing is utilized by the following industries: 

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