Plastic Tubing Products & Accessories Supplier

Fittings, tethers and plastic tubing products are essential to creating a plastic tubing system for application-specific requirements. As a premier supplier of plastic tubing and plastic tubing products, Freelin-wade is your one-stop shop for all plastic tubing products, accessories and tubing customization options. With over 4,000 tubing products in stock, we are confident that we can source the tubing, bundles, hoses, fittings and additional tubing components to meet your project demands. Our experienced team can customize tubing based on your needs, and can even meet tight turnaround times on high-volume tubing orders.

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Other Plastic Tubing Products & Accessories

Car Wash Tubing & Fittings

Our chemical-resistant, moisture resistant and impact resistant tubing is ideal for car wash formulas and fluids, with color-coded tubing available to better differentiate chemicals and measure liquid levels. Our coiled tubing self-retracts, keeping tubing from being crushed by tires or other equipment.

Chemical Resistant Tubing

Freelin Wade’s flexible chemical resistant tubing provides advanced protection against a wide range of chemical components and solvents, including ketones, acids, bases, alcohols, and salts. FEP Tubing, PVC Tubing, Polyethylene tubing and more is available, and our experts can find tubing that is specifically designed for your chemical application.

Pneumatic Tubing

We stock chemical resistant pneumatic tubing in various sizes depending on your requirements. Pneumatic tubing is available in multiple material options for air systems and fluid handling systems.

Kynar Tubing

Kynar® PVDF shows advanced resistance to numerous chemicals, radiations, and fungus, and is an ideal tubing choice for chemical applications that do not require high heat resistance. We have Kynar PVDF tubing grades in standard and metric diameters, with coiling and additional customization options available upon request.

Dental Tubing & Profiles

Freelin-Wade is proud to offer Silcryn (TM), our latest advancement in dental tubing. Silcryn’s suppleness reduces hand and wrist fatigue and has a soft matte-like finish.

FEP Plastic Tubing

FDA compliant and ASTM D 3296-03 compliant FEP tubing is designed with enhanced chemical resistance, advanced gas and vapor permeability properties and excellent UV transmission ratings

Jacketed Bundles

Color code and better organize your pneumatic systems with our jacketed and bundled tubing. We can cut jackets to longer lengths than competitors.


Our coiled tethers are made from Fre-Thane®, a high-quality ether-based polyurethane that will stretch and flex but will return to its original shape, even after continuous use.

Flexible Wrist Coils

Better organize keys and personal items with our kink resistant wrist coils and lanyards. Available in 19 colors.

Plastic Tubing Accessories

Find expandable webbing, spiral wrap, plastic tubing cutters and additional tools for customizing plastic tubing.

Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing

Freelin-Wade manufactures tubing that features a weld spatter-resistant jacket that protects the polyurethane tubing inside.

Push-To-Connect Fittings

Our fittings are rated to 290psi and are compatible with our polyurethane, nylon and polyethylene tubing. Male connectors, male swivel elbows, union and union tees are available.


Freelin-Wade provides polyurethane air hose and PVC hose in a wide range of styles for your specific design requirement needs. We can provide PUR and vinyl hose products in various sizes, and lengths, with custom sizes are available upon request.

Colored Tubing

We have opaque, transparent, neon and dental colored tubing available in a wide variety of colors. We can create custom colors on short lead times for colors not in our catalog.

Plastic Tubing Accessories for Any Industry

With our huge selection of sizes and custom options, we have the right tubing product for nearly any application. We have supplied tubing and tubing accessories for countless uses, including:
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Non-invasive medical
  • General laboratory
  • Food & beverage
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Aerospace
  • Ink printers
  • and more

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