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Standard & Metric Kynar® PVDF Tubing

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As a chemical-resistant, easily fabricated tubing material, Kynar® PVDF compound is an economical alternative to Teflon®, (PTFE, PFA, and FEP). It is an ideal tubing choice for applications that do not require the heat-resistance of Teflon®. Also known as Polyvinylidene fluoride, Kynar® possesses high electrochemical stability. This high purity material is the perfect tubing material for a variety of applications requiring an odorless and tasteless tube.
At Freelin-Wade, we offer our flexible Kynar PVDF Tubing grades in both standard and metric diameters. We can provide standard and metric Kynar® medical tubing in various sizes, and lengths, with custom sizes available upon request.

Contact us for more information regarding our metric and standard Kynar® tubing product options or call us at 888-373-9233 and we will gladly assist you with your project needs. Freelin-Wade is your trusted source for high quality Kynar™ PVDF tubing.

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Kynar® PVDF Standard & Metric Sizing Options

Freelin-Wade now carries both standard and metric Kynar® medical tubing options. As an innovative industry-leading supplier, we stock a large inventory of Kynar® tubing options and offer quick turnaround times to meet the demands of our customers. We can custom extrude our Kynar® resin if a stock size does not meet your needs.

Kynar® PVDF Tubing Features

Kynar® tubing products provide exceptional easy-processing balance, tremendous resistance to chemicals, and extended durability. Standard and metric grade Kynar® PVDF tubing provides the following beneficial features:

  • Advanced resistance to numerous chemicals, radiations, and fungus
  • Sterilizable by Gamma Radiation, autoclave, or Ozone
  • Resists fungal growth per MS 810B, Method 508 testing
  • Low out-gassing
  • Can be made into retractable, self storing coils

For more information about Kynar, refer to the Kynar® Website.

Kynar® Plastic Tubing Application Uses

As an FDA compliant material, Kynar® tubing is well-suited for food and beverage applications as well as pumps, valves, and applications that require high purity or ozone resistance. With the added advantage of being a lightweight material, Kynar® tubing also works well in applications requiring abrasion-resistance or as a metal alloy replacement. Additional applications include semiconductor and pharmaceutical uses.

Kynar® Tubing Specifications

UV stable with excellent mechanical properties, Kynar® tubing specifications include:

  • Temperature Range: -40°F to 180°F
  • Vacuum Rating: To 28” Hg
  • Diameter Tolerance: ± .005”
  • Hardness: 65 Shore D
  • Working Pressure: 4:1 Safety Factor
  • Resin Compliance: FDA, USPVI, CFR 177.2600, UL 94V0, NSF-51
  • Suggested Fittings: Push-In, Compression

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With 40 years of high-performance specialty plastic tubing experience, Freelin-Wade understands the need for high-quality PVDF tubing. Contact us for more information regarding our standard and metric Kynar® PVDF medical tubing product options or call us at 888-373-9233 and we will discuss your project’s exact specifications.