How fast can you produce a custom product?

Depending on the product, a couple of days for a custom coil or up to 3 weeks for custom extrusion.

What is your minimum run for a custom product?

We will extrude as little as 100 feet except for polyethylene which has a 3,000 minimum. We do not have a minimum order amount for coiling, printingbonding or jacketing. For cut lengths, the minimum amount of tubing being cut must be at least 100ft.

What is the smallest size extrusion that Freelin-Wade manufactures?

Depending upon the resin required we can extrude a 1/8" outside diameter with a 0.066" inside diameter.

What is the largest size extrusion that Freelin-Wade manufactures?

Our limitation is ¾” outside diameter.

Can I have tubing and hose branded with my company name?

We can print your company name on a number of the products we offer. If you order over 5,000 feet of the tubing the printing is free - we just need 3 weeks to produce the tubing for you.

What profiles does Freelin-Wade manufacture?

We offer multi-bore products which are individual tubes connected by a web of material in the extrusion process as well as stack configurations of different size tubes connected by a layer of the same material to hold them together. We also are able to form cut length tube into simple bent configurations. We would be happy to discuss your profile requirements.

Can you manufacture tubing with custom specifications?

We can and we would be happy to review your specifications to determine if we can produce a consistent quality product to match. Learn more about our custom plastic tubing options. 

What is the typical minimum run quantity?

We will extrude as little as 100 feet. Most find that it is more economical to limit their run quantity to 1000 feet due to the expense involved for short production runs.