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Specialized plastic tubing, including high pressure tubing, static dissipative tubing and chemical resistant tubing is designed for applications that require a tube that can perform highly functional tasks. Specialty plastic tubing is manufactured from numerous types of materials and is utilized by a wide range of industries.
Freelin-Wade is an industry leading provider of specialty plastic tubing products that can be used for multiple applications throughout various industries. One of our most popular specialty tubes is our FEP, Teflon® tubing alternative.  Freelin-Wade is your one source for Teflon® comparable tubing, plastic ribbon tubing, braided hose, and reinforced hoses.
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Specialty Plastic Tubing Options

If your requirements call for higher pressure, chemical resistance or something more unique, our specialty plastic tubing options have you covered.  Freelin-Wade manufacturers a variety of plastic tubing options including FEP, Kynar®, Weld Spatter Resistant, Static Dissipative and Multi-Bore products.  We also manufacture our innovative and industry leading Multi-Color Ribbon Tubing (MCR).  In addition to our in-stock plastic tubing options, Freelin-Wade engineers are happy to work with you to create exactly the right tubing for your specifications.

Kynar® Tubing 

As an economical alternative to Teflon®, (PTFE, PFA, and FEP) tubing for applications not requiring heat resistance, Kynar® PVDF possesses excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. This material is extremely pure and is ideal tubing for a variety of applications requiring an odorless and tasteless tube.  Our Kynar® PVDF tubing can also be made into self-storing, retractable coils. 

FEP Plastic Tubing 

This specialty plastic tubing product combines high heat resistance, chemical resistance and affordability. Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) is a smart option that offers all three of these features and more. FEP is also a good alternative to Teflon® tubing and can be made into self-retracting coils.  jacketed tube

Jacketed Tubing & Bundles 

If you are looking to color code your pneumatic systems in a neat, flexible package, then jacketed tubing and bundles is what you need. Jacketed bundling also saves time over spiral wrapping or tie wrapping your flexible tubing. We can create jacketed tubing and bundles utilizing a variety of materials.

Splatter Guard SRT

Our splatter resistant tubing is manufactured from 94V0 polyurethane resin that has been specifically formulated to resist against weld spatter without the need of an outer jacket. Splatter Guard is manufactured from polyurethane, it is kink resistant, abrasion resistant, and it can also be bonded and formed into retractable coils.

Weld Splatter Resistant Tubing 

Freelin-Wade’s weld splatter resistant tubing is designed with a spatter-resistant jacket that protects the polyurethane tubing inside. The cover is approximately .030" thick and does not adhere to the inner tube, allowing the jacket to be easily skived back for fitting connection with conventional compression, barb or push-in fittings.

Custom Plastic Tubing

Standard plastic tubing comes in pre-made dimensions and shapes; custom tubing provides greater utility. By customizing the material, size, and profile, plastic tubes become more efficient, cost-effective, and versatile. We offer more than 4,000 standard tubing, hose, and accessories conveniently ready to ship within 24 hours, and endless customizations to meet your application needs.
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