Plastic Tube Cutting

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Plastic tubing is created in long extrusions that often need to be cut to size prior to use. Cutting can easily damage or distort plastic tubing if not done correctly, which can create problems attaching connectors or other fittings. Plastic tubing is cut using motor powered tube cutters or handheld tools that feature a sharp blade designed specifically for cutting through tubing. The tools used to cut plastic tubing can vary in size depending on the cutting range required, though most handheld tools can cut plastic tubing with an outside diameter of up to 1”.

Cutting plastic tubing can be a time-consuming task and there is a risk of material loss if the tubing is not cut correctly or if measurements are off. Custom tube cutting is supplied by plastic tubing manufacturers who have the precision equipment and experience needed to cut large volumes of tubing of various diameters and materials. It is a fast and easy way to ensure tubing is cut using the correct tool and to the exact specifications required. 
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We Offer Plastic Tubing Cut to Your Exact Specifications

Freelin-Wade uses digital cutting equipment to precisely cut your plastic tubes in an efficient and cost-effective manner, saving you time and money. Our cut-to-size services are available for any of our plastic tubing and we can cut lengths of any size to meet your application needs.
All cut tubing is measured prior to shipment to ensure accurate length and consistent dimensions. Shorter lengths of cut tubing is packaged in plastic bags for easy organization, and our longer lengths of cut tubing are available in dispenser boxes or reels. Save money and time by allowing us to do the cutting work for you.

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We offer cut-to-size services for all our plastic tube products. Contact Freelin-Wade today to learn more about plastic tube cutting and other custom tubing services.