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Freelin-Wade was started in 1980 behind the vision of our founder, Fred Plews, to "Find A Need and Fill It." Fred began his career in the dental industry and developed a revolutionary polyurethane tube that outperformed the standard PVC tubing commonly used.  This high-performance tubing led Fred to believe other industries would enjoy the benefits of polyurethane and became the foundation for Freelin-Wade.

Although polyurethane tubing products remain the core, we’ve expanded our tubing offering to include nylon, LLDPE, PVC and other specialty resins.  We stock more than 4,000 items ready to ship within 48 hours and support virtually every industry. In addition, we have increased our custom capabilities so we can do an infinite range of variations.

Today, the company that started in Fred's garage now employs more than 100 people in a large manufacturing center in McMinnville, Oregon. Our extrusion lines produce more than 100 million feet of tubing a year and our secondary departments create retractable coils, bonded, custom printed, cut to length and specialty packaged tubing products.  With our proven customer service and consistent quality, we know we can fill your needs.

Freelin-Wade was acquired in 1990 by Coilhose Pneumatics, of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Many of our more popular items can also be found in their catalog.

Management Team

Calvin Hansen, IT Manager - 17 Years
Michele Wall, Inventory Control Manager - 36 Years
Brady Webb, General Manager - 19 Years

Supervisor Team

Alan Bucknell, Maintenance - 3 Years
Dewey Burchell, Accounting - 2 Years
Austin Hargis, Extrusion - 10 Years
Alicia Martin, Customer Service - 24 Years
Greg Meeuwsen, Secondary Production - 17 Years
Chet Newberg, Scheduling - 18 Years
Mike Newstrom, HR & Training - 10 Years

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