Fre-Thane® 90A Polyurethane Tubing

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Fre-Thane® 90A tubing is a durable and abrasion resistant PU tubing product. It is also extremely flexible and kink resistant. PU 90A’s Shore® A scale rating guarantees this products level of solidity and overall strength. Our 90A PUR tubing is available in 28 in-stock colors, as well as countless numbers of custom color variations. Fre-Thane® polyurethane tubing is Freelin-Wade’s most versatile product, with more options and variations available than with any other tubing product.

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Polyurethane 90A Tubing Features

Freelin-Wade's Fre-Thane® 90A tubing has an incredible resistance to abrasion while being highly flexible and kink resistant. Traditional, non-polyurethane tubing, can really take a beating. However, PU 90A tubing will always return to its intended shape, no matter what you do to it. This is due to PU 90A’s flexible memory; Fre-Thane® can easily be stretched and flexed but it will always return to its original shape. Some of the features of PUR 90A tubing include:

  • Extremely flexible with excellent memory
  • Kink & abrasion resistant
  • Low gas permeability, extractables and compression set
  • Resistant to chemicals, water, fuel, oil and fungus
  • Transparent and opaque colors

To meet all your project needs Freelin-Wade offers Fre-Thane® 90A Polyurethane Tubing in a wide range of standard and metric sizes.

PUR 90A Tubing Applications

PU 90A is the second hardest of the Shore® A class polyurethanes. It is an abrasion, tear and heat build-up resistant tubing product that replaces several different types of compound materials including: wood, UHMW, rubber and metal. PUR 90A is often used in numerous applications, some of which include:

  • Forklift tires
  • Bushings
  • Die cutting pads
  • Elevator wheels
  • Idler rollers
  • Paper mill rolls
  • Hydraulic seals
  • Gaskets

To meet all your project needs Freelin-Wade offers Fre-Thane® 90A Polyurethane Tubing in a wide range of standard and metric sizes.

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