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Fre-Thane® Polyurethane Tubing Products

Freelin-Wade began manufacturing PU tubing in 1980, and Fre-Thane® remains our core product to this day. It is available in 28 in-stock colors, as well as a virtually infinite number of custom color variations. Fre-Thane® polyurethane tubing is Freelin-Wade’s most versatile product, with more options and variations available than any other tubing option.

Polyurethane Tubing Differences

There are two general classes of polyurethane tubing, ether-based and ester-based. Neither one is better than the other, but the application at hand must be considered before choosing between the two. Chemically, the two polyurethane tubing variations are made from different polyol alcohols that cause similar, but different, reactions in the isocyanate. Both products are commonly found throughout the industrial marketplace.

From the users standpoint, ester-based polyurethane tubing is less expensive and provides slightly better fuel and oil resistance; however, it degrades more quickly when exposed to moisture. On the other hand, ether-based tubing also resists fungus growth and it also reduces the chances of deterioration due to contamination or brittleness.

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Fre-Thane® Polyurethane Tubing

Our Fre-Thane® PU tubing is available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and hardness values. The hardness value of PUR tubing is measured by the plastics resistance to indentation. Fre-Thane® tubing is measured on the Shore® A scale, which is used for harder plastics. The higher the number on the scale, the harder the plastic is for that product. For example, our Fre-Thane® 95A tubing is harder and more durable than our Fre-Thane® 90A tubing. Our inventory of Fre-Thane® tubing products includes:


Polyurethane Tubing Product Types

If inflexibility, cracks, and punctures have ever plagued your tubing, then it’s time for you to switch to polyurethane. PUR tubing provides excellent flexibility and resists the kinds of damage that can lead to dangerous leaks.

Freelin-Wade offers highly versatile PU tubing in a range of sizes, configurations and hardness levels. No matter what your application, we have the right polyurethane tubing for your needs. Our inventory of PUR tubing includes an array of styles, including:

  • Fre-Thane® polyurethane tubing
  • Static dissipative tubing
  • Multi-colored ribbon tubing
  • Purflex flexible hoses
  • Ribbon coils
  • Reinforced flexible hoses
  • Flexible coiled hoses


Fre-Thane® PU Tubing Features & Benefits

Freelin-Wade's PUR tubing exhibits a high resistance to abrasion, while being highly flexible and kink resistant. Fre-Thane® will stretch and flex but always return to its original shape; that’s the “memory” that makes our PU tubing extra special. Some of the other features and benefits associated with our PU tubing, include:

  • Extremely flexible with excellent memory
  • Kink & abrasion resistant
  • Low gas permeability, extractables and compression set
  • Resistant to chemicals, water, fuel, oil and fungus
  • Transparent and opaque colors


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