Is your tubing tolerant to chemicals?

The best advice is to always thoroughly test and understand the chemical resistance of your tubing. Varying temperatures, mixing chemicals and varying environmental conditions can significantly alter the performance of plastic tubing. We offer samples whenever possible to assist with in-house testing.

I am in the market for a 3/8" OD tubing that has a max pressure at or above 200psi. I prefer polyurethane tubing. Polyurethane bundle

What temperatures will the tubing be used in? This can make quite a difference. As an example, our 3/8”OD x .245”ID polyurethane tubing is rated to 170 psi at 75F with a 3:1 safety factor. When the temperature is raised to 150F this rating drops to 70psi.

I am looking for 3/4" hose with a 90 degree on one end. Do you have anything like that or can you manufacture a hose or pipe to my needs? Or do you have something that can be bent close to a 90 and not constrict flow?

Any of the products we produce will have a minimum bend radius to avoid having the inside diameter close on itself, restricting flow.

Does Freelin-Wade tubing come into contact with any processing fluids (Greases, lubricants on machines etc) or cleaning fluids of any kinds?

Other than filtered / chilled water, there are no other processing fluids. If interested, the following link will offer a couple videos for review…click on the “How Extruded Plastic Tubing Is Made” video and you will see the process.