Plastic Tube Bundling

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Bundling is a finishing option for plastic tubing that is used by various industries including industrial, robotics, electrical, laboratory, and more. Bundled plastic tubes help save space and reduce installation time and provide protection for individual pieces of wire or plastic tubing. Common bundling materials include PVC, polyethylene, or other plastics. Plastic tube bundling can combine tubing and electrical wiring or cabling and helps provide resistance to water, chemicals and oils, and provide protection against damage corrosion. Bundling is also used for color coding and organizing plastic tubing systems.

Plastic Tubing Bundling

Our bundled plastic tubing is an ideal solution for routing wire or bundling a variety of tubes and wires together. We offer three styles of tube bundling, including:
  • PVC Bundled Tubing: a user-friendly method for longer lengths of tubing that can be used to organize and color code pneumatic systems.  It also provides a protective barrier from moisture, elements and chemicals.
  • Expandable Webbing:  an ideal solution for shorter lengths of tubing. Our expandable webbing expands to three times its size to accommodate larger bundles of plastic tubing and allows heat and moisture to escape.
  • Spiral Wraps: for applications that require wire or tubing to be branched. This bundling provides a clean look while providing the flexibility of branching out wires at varied intervals.
Freelin-Wade can work with any of our plastic tubing materials to create the bundling solution you need for your specific application, whether it’s two bundled tubes or twenty.  Plastic tube bundling is a versatile solution that provides the organization and additional protection you need for your tubing and wires.