Custom Plastic Tube Bundling Solutions

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Plastic tube bundling is a versatile solution that provides the organization and additional protection you need for your tubing.  Freelin-Wade offers customized bundling solutions to help save space, reduce installation time and provide protection for individual tubes and even wires.  We have experience providing plastic tubing for various industries, including industrial, robotics, electrical, laboratory, and more. We can bundle PVC, polyethylene, or other tubing of various sizes and colors depending on your application requirements.  The bundle’s jacket is typically made from PVC and for those applications requiring more abrasion resistance, a PEBAX jacket is recommended.
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Benefits of Plastic Tube Bundling

Tube Bundling helps save space and reduce installation times for multi-tubing systems. Where multiple individual tubes can cause kinks, twists and knots, bundling plastic tubing ensures the tubes stay in their intended formation without getting disorganized. This saves time spent untangling and locating tubes, while allowing for systems utilizing multiple tubes to align with each other more easily. Bundles can vary in size and material, and can be organized by color for almost limitless combinations and organization options.
Bundling plastic tubing with electrical wiring and cabling helps provide resistance to water, chemicals and oils and protection against damaging corrosion. Combinations of tubing, electrical wiring and cabling can be combined for added organization and functionality depending on your application needs.

Plastic Tubing Bundles for Multiple Industries

While we are always looking to expand our services and product offering, frequent industries served include:

Advantages of Choosing Freelin-Wade for Plastic Tubing Bundling

Freelin-Wade can work with any of our plastic tubing materials to create the bundling solution you need for your specific application, whether it is two bundled tubes or sixteen. Our skilled engineers have experience creating diverse bundling products, offering bundling options for tubing and wiring of various sizes and lengths. Our tubing offering has grown to include Polyurethane, Nylon, LLDPE, PVC and other specialty resins. With our inventory of over 4,000 items and unique customization abilities, we are certain that we can provide a bundling solution to meet your needs.

Additional Plastic Tubing Solutions

In addition to our plastic tubing bundling services, we offer a full suite of customized flexible plastic tubing solutions. We can customize tubing by material, size and profile, with over 28 standard color options available. Frequent customization options include but are not limited to:

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At Freelin-Wade, we offer plastic tubing bundling solutions to meet your unique application requirements. Contact Freelin-Wade to learn more about our bundled plastic tubing or to request a sample today.