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Plastic Tube Bonding

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Plastic tube bonding involves bonding two or more pieces of plastic tubing together to form a polished and professional look. Tubes can be bonded in virtually any configuration and are typically used to house electrical wiring or cabling. Bonded plastic tubes are used by a wide range of industries including medical, dental, fluid power and robotics.
Using different colored bonded plastic tubes can create color-coded lines that aid in organization and simplify the tasks of line tracing and troubleshooting and to make for easier routing and installation. Plastic tube bonding is also used to help eliminate the issue of tangling and for applications where tubing is installed in small or tight spaces, or within a component.

Types of Plastic Tube Bonding

Plastic tube bonding is typically done in one of three configurations with each providing varying degrees of bonding and versatility:
  • Permanent Bonding: offers the most durability and requires the use of cutting tools to separate the tubes.
  • Strippable Bonding: a flexible option allowing individual tubes to be partially or fully separated by peeling them away. This type of bonding is our most popular, allows the most flexibility and is preferred for applications when push to connect fittings will be used.
  • Skip/Partial Bonding: Uses an alternating pattern of bonded and unbonded sections of plastic tubing. This style of bonding is used for bonding nylon and polyethylene tubing.

Superior Quality Plastic Bonded Tubes

Freelin-Wade has the capability to bond plastic tubes of any size or color. Our plastic bonded tubes are made using high quality extruded plastic tubing that has undergone multiple checkpoints to ensure accurate color and sizing. We offer a wide range of tubing in standard packaged lengths or we can custom cut tubing to your exact specifications.
We developed our superior tube bonding technology in-house, and nobody else can do what we do. What's unique about our bonds is that the tubes can be easily separated without leaving any residue transfer on the outside of the tubes, which is critical for applications involving standard push-to-connect and other types of fittings.

Contact us to Learn More About Our Plastic Tube Bonding Services

We offer bonded plastic tubes in a range of in-stock and custom colors and dimensions to meet your unique application requirements. Contact Freelin-Wade to learn more about our bonded plastic tubing or to request a sample.