Plastic Tubing Color Customization

  • Colored tubing customization

Custom Colored, Transparent & Neon Plastic Tubing

Customized colored plastic tubing is a simple way to add organization to a machine or create a more user-friendly experience. Freelin-Wade is the industry’s fastest custom color producer. We offer 28 standard Polyurethane colors and are able to custom match a color your project requires.  Our colored tubing is available in a variety of materials, from nylon to polyethylene to PVC tubing. With our supply of over 4,000 items and unique customization abilities, we are certain that we can provide a solution that meets your needs.
Learn more about our colored plastic tubing options below or Contact us for more information regarding our custom tubing options. You can also call us at 888-373-9233 and we will be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.

Available Standard & Transparent Plastic Tube Colors

In addition to our ability to customize your tubing, our Polyurethane tubing is available in 28 standard colors.  
(Colors with an * are available in our Transparent, see-through style)
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Green *
  • Natural
  • Blue * (Light blue transparent is available)
  • Silver
  • White
  • Yellow *
  • Purple *
  • Gray/Light Gray
  • Orange *
  • Red *

Additional Colored Tubing Styles

Colored Neon Tubing

This bright style makes tubing easy to identify, even in conditions with limited visibility. Freelin-Wade’s colored neon tubing comes in 4 colors that include Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Yellow and Neon Orange.

Freelin-Wade’s Colored Tubing Customization Process

In order to create the colored tubing that is right for your project, we take your color swatch and submit an RFQ to our suppliers. Then, Freelin-Wade works with a sales representative to create the colored tubing that meets your specifications.

To order your customized colored tubing or request a quote, simply contact us to speak to a representative. You can also create your custom tubing by adding different variations to your RFQ cart below. Submitting this will allow our representatives to generate a quote for you. It's the worry-free way to improve the look of your equipment.

Custom Colored Tubing Materials

We can create your custom-colored tubing from almost any material we offer. Some of the popular tubing materials include:

Printing on Custom Colored Tubing

If you’re interested in printing on your custom colored tubing, consider what color text or graphics would work best for your tube shade. Standard options for printing on tubing are black and white.
We do not suggest printing white on light colored tubing, or black on dark colored tubing.
Contact us to discuss your color options or to order your customized colored plastic tubing.

Benefits of Colored Plastic Tubing

By differentiating tubes by color, line-tracing becomes a breeze. Color-coded plastic tubing also makes future troubleshooting and replacement easier, as you will quickly be able to identify which tube in a series is defective. Colored tubing helps prevent cross-contamination in multi-tube applications and allows for a better user experience. By organizing tubes by color, you can save time arranging multiple tubes and tube bundles and simplifying tubing installation processes.

Freelin-Wade Colored Tubing Advantages

Freelin-Wade’s color customization capabilities allow efficient extrusion of multiple high-performance tube materials. Our expert manufacturers offer more than 40 years of plastic tubing experience to ensure your tubing is of the highest quality in both appearance and performance. We have technical expertise in creating colored tubing from a variety of materials.  We remain dedicated to eco-friendly processes and systems, which involve reducing plastic waste in our manufacturing center.
Additionally, Freelin-Wade products have a 30-day warranty against manufacturing defects. The majority of our catalog items are available for shipment within 48 hours of your order.

Additional Plastic Tubing Solutions

We offer a full suite of customized flexible plastic tubing solutions.  We can customize tubing by material, size and profile.  Frequent customization options include but are not limited to:

Contact Freelin Wade for Standard and Custom Color Tubing

Freelin-Wade manufactures plastic tubing in a range of standard colors and offers custom Pantone® color matching. Contact us to learn more or request a quote.