Freelin-Wade has provided the Packaging Industry with durable and flexible Polyurethane plastic tubing for pick and place machinery and robotics in both straight and retractable coils. Available in more than 23 colors, Polyurethane is an excellent choice for color coding your pneumatic lines and providing a much more abuse resistant option than the Polyethylene tubing used years ago. Freelin-Wade also offers Nylon tubing for those applications needing higher working pressures or greater heat resistance. 
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Packaging industries that utilize plastic tubing in their operations include:

Packaging Industry Applications with Plastic Tubing

Plastic tubing is widely used by the packaging industry to deliver compressed air for the operation of mechanical equipment, and for the transfer of water and other fluids for cleaning and dispensing applications such as:
  • Pneumatically operated box making equipment
  • Bottling lines
  • Automated conveyor systems
  • Pick and place equipment
  • Beverage dispensing machines
  • Water distillation systems

Jacketing and Bonded Tubing Applications

Plastic jacketing and bonded tubing are both beneficial for packaging applications and eliminate the use of zip ties and other bundling methods for organizing tubes, wires and cables. Jacketing is an effective way to organize tubing and can help protect wires and cables from moisture, dust and other contaminants.
We offer jacketing and bundling solutions for plastic tubing including:
  • PVC jacketed bundles are ideal for pneumatic systems and include polyurethane tubing with a clear, flexible PVC cover.
  • Expandable webbing is a polyester sleeve that expands up to three times its size and allows heat and humidity to escape from the tubing.
  • Silcryn™ tube jacketing has low surface friction and tear resistant properties similar to silicone but at a lower cost.
Coiled plastic tubing

Coiled Tubing for Pick and Place Equipment

Coiled plastic tubing provides extreme flexibility and has outstanding memory, allowing the tubing to withstand frequent stretching and flexing without losing its original shape. This type of tubing is ideal for use with pick and place equipment and is available is standard and custom lengths and sizes.

Material Recommendations for Packaging Industry Services

Recommended plastic tubing materials for the packaging industry have excellent shape retention properties, are heat and chemical resistant and are ideal for use in multi-line applications.

Polyurethane Tubing Manufacturing

Polyurethane tubing is kink resistant and flexible with excellent shape retention properties. It is also abrasion resistant and will not crack or puncture. Plastic tubing made from polyurethane is compatible with water, chemicals, fuel and oil, and is resistant to fungus.
Recommended uses: pick and place equipment, printers, robotics

Multi-Colored Ribbon Polyurethane Tubing Materials

Multi-Color Ribbon (MCR) is a form of polyurethane tubing designed for applications that require the routing of multiple tubing lines. It features the same properties and benefits as standard polyurethane tubing and since the tubes are permanently bonded, eliminates the need for jacketing and bundling.
Recommended uses: pick and place equipment

Multi-Colored Ribbon Coils Materials

Multi-Color Ribbon Coils are bonded ribbons of multi-colored polyurethane tubing for routing applications involving two or more lines. The coils are highly flexible and return to their coiled shape, even after continued stretching and flexing.
Recommended uses: Pick and place equipment
Nylon tubing

Nylon Plastic Tubing Manufacturing

Nylon plastic tubing is lightweight, provides dimensional stability and is highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion, impact and moisture. It is also heat and UV stabilized, making it resistant to corrosion and stress cracking.  Nylon is available in FDA-approved versions.
Recommended uses: pick and place equipment, printers, robotics

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