Silcryn™ Dental Tubing

"Feel the beauty of Silcryn"

With Freelin-Wade, you know you will always get an exact fit and your tubing will arrive on time. Now Freelin-Wade is the only place that you can get Silcryn™: the world’s best dental tubing.

Silcryn is the result of two years of research and development by Freelin-Wade engineers. The result is a superior dental tube that offers higher tear resistance and better color uniformity than silicone. Its low memory means that it hangs flat and straight, every time. Silcryn tubes have a soft matte-like appearance which gives your equipment that high-end look and feel. Similar to silicone in feel, Silcryn hangs nicely and doesn’t have the tacky grip that causes other tubes to tangle.

Silcryn is not just a new plastic compound but a whole new way to think about dental tubing. We like to think of it as a “game changer.” Silcryn is ideal for use with scalers, handpieces, umbilicals, vacuums and syringe tubing. It is also the perfect jacket material for multi-tube and wire assemblies.

For more information about Silcryn, download our latest flyer here.