Flexible Wrist Coils

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Flexible Wrist Coils/Lanyards Feature:

  • Strong, light-weight polyurethane tubing
  • Kink and abrasion resistant
  • Extremely flexible with excellent memory
  • 7/8” nickel plated split key ring
  • Available in 19 colors
  • Fits any size wrist

Available with or without a metal whistle

Wrist coilSuggested Uses:

  • Keys and personal items
  • For outdoors, pocket knives, compasses and safety whistles
  • For work, color code department keys and accessories
  • Dog clickers and whistles used for dog training
  • Coaching staff and referee whistles*
  • Fundraisers and Booster Clubs*
  • Perfect point of sale items at cash registers*

* Many options available including promotional product key tags and sport whistles. Special pricing available for non-profit organizations.


Wrist Lanyards for Keys, Badges & Other Items

Freelin-Wade flexible wrist coils are made using Fre-Thane 90A polyurethane. Our Fre-Thane has a high resistance to abrasion while being highly flexible and kink resistant. Its most notable quality though is its "memory." Fre-Thane will stretch and flex but always return to its original shape making our wrist coil a superior quality product. The coils measure 2" in diameter, and can be stretched to more than a foot. Each wrist coil comes with a 7/8"nickel plated split key ring.

Freelin-Wade flexible wrist coils and lanyards offer a convenient solution for storing your keys, I.D badges or other items. The coils come in one size, however due to their extreme flexibility they will fit any size wrist, forearm and even biceps. Available in 19 colors, the coils feature sturdy split key holders that can hold multiple items.


Need more options?

We've got them with attached metal whistles as well. These are perfect for the outdoorsman, sports coaches, referees, playground attendants, camp counselors, dog trainers and anyone looking for a great whistle with customizable way to attach it. Contact us for more information.