Custom Plastic Tube Printing

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Custom printing is a great way to identify or organize your plastic tubing. Plastic tube labeling typically involves dot matrix printing on one side of the tubing shaft for identification purposes.  Tube printing is also used for safety applications including labeling tubing that will carry gases or potentially hazardous substances.
Tube printing is a great solution for labeling equipment and help ensure that whoever replaces the tubing in the future will know what tubing to use. Plastic tubing can be custom printed with product specs, company names, contact information, and more, allowing parts to be easily identified for reordering.

Plastic Tube Printing Services

Freelin-Wade can print your custom specs on any plastic tubing order over 5,000 feet for free; there is a nominal charge on smaller orders. Tube printing is an effective way to label tubing with important information or to customize your tubing with symbols or graphics.
Our standard options for printing on tubing are black and white. We do not recommend printing white on light colored tubing nor black on dark colored tubing because they type will be difficult to read. If you would like custom color printing for your plastic tubes, we can help you choose the correct color.
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Some of the most common types of plastic tube printing include: 
  • Part numbers
  • Labeling substances
  • Fluid measurements
  • Company name/contact information
  • Logos or other graphics.
  **Disclaimer: FreelinWade uses a dot matrix ink printer to provide custom printing on tubing.  The print will not always be perfect, as the target area is small and physically moves past the print head at high speed, both laterally and occasionally with some vertical change within a run.  While we strive to ensure print is clear and precise there will be limited instances within a reel where some letters or numbers may not be perfectly printed or some pixels of the print are missing entirely.  These imperfections are more common on small diameter tubing less than ¼” OD, would not be caught by our QC process and are not eligible for credit or replacement. 

Add Custom Printing to Your Plastic Tubing Order

Custom printing is an easy way to add parts numbers, contact details and other important information to your plastic tubing. Contact Freelin-Wade today to learn more and add custom printing to your tube order.