What is needed to make a custom coil?

Coil terminology can be confusing and many people develop their own terminology in order to develop a coil. The chart at the bottom of page 34 in our catalog defines the basics of coil terminology. The I.D, O.D, working length, retracted length, bend radius and tails are all factored in when developing a coil.

I am trying to find a coiled rubber hose to use on a handheld shower (to replace the metal one it comes with) Do you sell, or could you make one with the standard male/female shower fittings on each end....and about 7' or 8' extended?

We manufacture industrial tubing and have a number of coiled items with industrial pipe thread fittings which are tapered. The fittings on typical shower fixtures are straight threads so our fittings will not seal.

Can the standard, swivel pipe thread connectors be added to the Multi-Colored Ribbon Coil?

We are able to build custom assemblies depending upon the size of the tubing used in the MCR and the size of the pipe fittings required.