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"Feel the beauty of SilcrynTM

Do you need an economical tube or cable jacket solution that has low surface friction, strong tear resistance, and looks good too? May be you’ve looked at silicone- but find it too expensive! May be you’ve tried Tygon – but it’s too tacky! You have even looked at latex, only to discover you need something latex-free.

We have your solution - Silcryn™. Freelin-Wade engineers spent two years working closely with our resin suppliers to develop Silcryn™, initially as a solution for the dental industry. Over time, our customers have discovered its supple, satiny finish is great for medical and industrial applications as well.  They not only love how it glides against other tubes and surfaces, but its velvety matte finish looks as good as it performs. 

Silcryn™ works great for dental handpiece tubing, medical tubing, wire cable jacketing, and industrial jacketing. But really, its only limitation is your imagination!

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