Silcryn™ Tubing

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Bulk Silcryn Tubing For Medical & Dental Applications

Silcryn™ tubing has emerged as an industry favorite in several industries over silicone, Tygon and latex tubing for a range of unique benefits and advantages. Freelin-Wade’s engineers spent years working closely with resin suppliers to develop this phthalate free tubing for medical and dental applications. Our Silcryn™ tubing has low surface friction, strong tear resistance and a beautiful matte finish that can’t be matched by conventional tubing models. Our selection of Silcryn™ tubing is a favorite for ultrasonic scalers, handpieces and multi-tube assemblies required in dental applications. Freelin-Wade also provides a full selection of customization capabilities, including various sizes and cut lengths available upon request. Our stocked Silcryn™ tubing is conveniently ready to ship within 48 hours.

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Silcryn™ Tubing Benefits

Silcryn™ tubing was designed by tubing engineering specialists specifically for dental and medical applications. This silicone and latex free tubing offer unique, industry-specific advantages, including:
  • Low Memory
  • Supple For Reduced Wrist & Hand Fatigue
  • Higher Tear Resistance
  • Smooth, Tangle-Free Finish
  • Soft Matte Finish
  • Color Uniformity

Silcryn™ Tubing Applications

Silcryn™ Tubing is ideal for bundling tubes and cables for hospital, laboratory and dental equipment. Silcryn™ Tubing is also ideal when used as jacket material for multi tube and wire assemblies. Specific uses include but are not limited to:
  • Dental Handpiece Tubing
  • Jacketing for ultrasonic scaler handpiece cable assemblies
  • Cable sleeves for medical devices
  • Jacketing for industrial applications
  • Catheter cable sleeves

Why Choose Freelin-Wade for Silcryn™ Tubing

For more than 40 years our customers have looked to Freelin-Wade to solve their specific tubing requirements. Freelin-Wade utilizes a variety of resins, many of which are FDA, USPVI, NSF51 and/or NSF61 compliant. We have in stock Silcryn™ Tubing ready to ship within 48 hours to support dental, medical and virtually every industry. In addition, we have increased our custom capabilities so we can offer a near infinite range Silcryn™ Tubing variations.

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