Jacketed Tubing and Bundles

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Freelin-Wade's Jacketed Tubing and Bundles are an excellent way to color code a pneumatic systems in a neat, flexible package.  Save time over spiral wrapping or tie wrapping your flexible tubing with this jacketed bundling method. Ask about our variety of variation possibilities. These include bundling wire, different tube sizes, tube materials, colors and coiling.

Jacketing is also available as a variation. Every day we customize tubing bundles for our customers with jackets using a variety of materials. In addition, Freelin-Wade has developed a new process where we can jacket much longer lengths. No one else has this technology. It speeds up the process and will save you money. In fact, it opens up jacketing to new markets and possibilities. If you think that jacketing is something that would benefit you, give us a call. You'll be surprised to learn what all is possible and how cost-effective it is. Of course because it's Freelin-Wade flexible tubing, you know it will fit and arrive on time, every time. Worry-free plastic tubing.


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