Can you supply 16mm OD anti-static tubing for a high voltage transformer?

We are able to extrude the Static Dissipative Polyurethane in 16mm outside diameter.

Is ether based polyurethane static dissipative?

Our standard ether based polyurethane would not be static dissipative.

I have a chemical question about your Static Dissipative 85A Tubing. Does the formulation contain chlorine or any other non-organic material, either as part of the polymer structure or as a contaminant from processing?

We will work with the manufacturer of the base polymer to determine if chlorine is contained in the formulation. We know that virtually all polymers contain various non-organic materials in different quantities depending upon the polymer and its formulation. Which specific non-organic material is of concern? We would be able to ask the supplier of the base polymer (the formulation is proprietary to them) if a specific material is contained in the formulation.