We are interested in using some of your Fre-thane tubing for various pressure lines. Is it suitable for use with gasoline? The specs say it is resistant to gas, but will it hold up to being filled with gas for a long period of time? 

Polyurethane Bundle

We don’t believe that polyurethane would be a good choice for immersion use in gasoline, especially if the gasoline containsethanol. Most reference material suggests using nylon or Kynar© for gasoline and ethanol enhanced gasoline. We would strongly suggest that you test the product(s) to make sure they work in your application and we would be happy to send you a one foot samples for evaluation. Just let us know which size you need, where it needs to ship and your UPS or FedEx account number for the freight.

I am running a 55ksi water jet; I am looking for an abrasion resistant 1/8" ID 3/16" OD mixing tube hose. The tubing is not under pressure, but carries abrasion to the water jet nozzle.

Our polyurethane tubing is extremely abrasion resistant and may meet your needs depending on the temperatures / abrasive material. This product would be compatible with barb fittings.

I am a current user of the 1B-025-11 tubing and have the following questions.

  • How do I check if the tubing is within the dimensional tolerance? I am using a caliper to measure but might be the wrong method.
  • Is there a shelf life for the tubing?
  • The brochure or catalog mentions that the tubing will return to its original shape. Is there any documentation that says how long?

Using calipers is the correct method and you will want to place the calipers “lengthways” on the outside of the tube to help prevent compression. The shelf life depends greatly on how the tubing is stored (ie cool / dry environment, exposure to UV lighting, etc.). If stored well, polyurethane can be stored for many, many years. Climates with high humidity / temperatures, like Singapore, can certainly impact the tube’s characteristics. When we refer to the tubing “returning to its original shape”, we are stating how polyurethane will not leave a kink mark / weak point when kinked and if one of our coiled products; it has a “good memory” to return to its coiled position.

We are making toys using plastic tubing. We want the tube for joining the parts together.

Tubing Bundle

The outer diameter must be 8mm and the tube free of phthalates because it is designed for children. We now are trying with Polyurethane tubing, and  the laboratory said that it is valid, but our tube has letters written and we want it without letters. Can you recommend something?

Our stock polyurethane does not have any printing. Please reference the attached link for ordering options and product description.

What is the maximum working temperature of the 70A urethane hose?

It depends on the working pressures. The tubing itself can withstand temperatures over 240F. However, you will notice how little pressure it can withstand at 150F (please refer to catalog page 10 of our catalog).

Is the 90A polyurethane static dissipative tubing suitable for use in both barbed ad push-in fittings?

We recommend using a barb fitting with the 90A and 85A material. However, depending on the type of push to connect fitting and working pressures encountered, many of our customers have had results using a push to connect fitting. We can provide samples for testing in your specific application. 

What brand fittings are recommended or required to be used with Fre-Thane 85A Polyurethane tuning?

We recommend that the tubing be used with a barb style fitting which is typically developed to work with a specific ID of the tube.

Will your 85A polyurethane 3/8 x 1/4 handle natural gas in it? Less than 100 PSI?

Our 85A Polyurethane tube is rated to 90 psi pressure at 75F. Natural gas in polyurethane tube will result in minor effect to the tubing. This could be the tube stiffening or discoloring. Our 3/8” x ¼” PVC tube, item 1J-704-10 is rated to 100 psi pressure at 75F. Natural gas typically has little to no effect on PVC product.

I'm going to be using a variety of colors and diameters of Freethane 95A tubing. If I see a color available on a specific diameter, is it available on all diameters even if it isn't shown as available on your website or in your catalog?

We offer all of our Polyurethane tubes in a variety of colors. Those shown with each size tube are those that we typically have in stock. All other colors are available (as shown on page 8 of our catalog). They will require a 7 working day lead time to produce. Non-standard colors are not available on our website, they will need to be purchased from one of our distributors in your area. Click here to locate a distributor in your area.