Fre-Thane® 85A Multi-Bore Tubing

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Freelin-Wade’s 85A multi-bore tubing is made with our proprietary Fre-Thane® polyurethane material, which provides superior flexibility with high abrasion and kink resistance. Best of all, our Fre-Thane® multi-bore tubing exhibits exceptional “memory”—it can be stretched and flexed to extremes, and will always return to its original shape.

What is Multi-Bore Tubing?

“Multi-bore tubing” is tubing with two or more tubes, or bores, that are extruded together in a single piece; Freelin-Wade offers twin, triple, and quadruple tube multi-bore tubing. Our 85A multi-bore tubing is produced as a single extrusion, which provides a sturdier bond between the bores than multi-color ribbon (MCR) tubing. However, this process requires that all bores be produced in a single color.
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Literature and Additional Information

Fre-Thane® 85A Multi-Bore Tubing Specifications

  • Temperature range: -40°F to 165°F (-40°C to 74°C)
  • Vacuum rating: to 28” Hg
  • Diameter tolerances: ±0.005”
  • Tube markings: none
  • Working pressure: 3:1 safety factor
  • UV Stabilized
  • Suggested fittings: barb
  • Resin compliance: NSF61, meets UL94HB, USPVI

Color Options

If you require multi-bore tubing in multiple colors, please consider our 85A multi-colored ribbon (MCR)  tubing.

Ether-Based vs. Ester-Based Polyurethane Tubing

There are two basic types of polyurethane: ester-based and ether-based. Chemically, the two variations are very similar, with the only significant difference being the polyol alcohols used in their formulation. Ester-based polyurethane is less expensive than ether-based; however, it degrades far faster when exposed to moisture. Because of this, Freelin-Wade uses only ether-based polyurethane in the production of our Fre-Thane® multi-bore tubing.

The Polyurethane Multi-Bore Tubing Experts

Freelin-Wade has been manufacturing polyurethane tubing since 1980, and it remains our flagship products today. Fre-Thane® tubing is our most versatile product, with more options and variations available, including 85A multi-bore tubing, than any other type of tubing.

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With its exceptional shape memory, high flexibility, and excellent kink and abrasion resistance, Fre-Thane® 85A multi-bore tubing is perhaps the best product of its type on the market today. Order the Fre-Thane® tubing you need, or contact Freelin-Wade to learn more.