Wholesale Reinforced Vinyl Tubing

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Our reinforced PVC tubing features an open-weave inner braid, making it tough enough for applications with working pressures up to 250 psi. The smooth-bore, full-flow I.D. dimensions are sized to fit standard commercial barbed fittings.
Freelin- Wade's reinforced vinyl hose is crystal clear for easy monitoring of fluid flow. It has a smooth inner and outer surface that prevents sediment accumulation, and is bacteria and pathogen resistant. This makes it an ideal tubing solution for pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, and other clean-critical applications. 
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Reinforced PVC Hose Specifications

Our reinforced vinyl hose is chemical, oxidation, and contamination resistant, and is compatible with most gases, fuels, oils, and low-grade acids. It can be reliably and repeatedly sterilized via gamma or EtO.
  • Temperature range: -30° to 150°F (-34° to 66°C)
  • Vacuum rating: to 18” Hg
  • Hardness: 80A durometer
  • Working pressure: 3:1 safety factor
  • Suggested fittings: barb
  • Color: clear #10
  • Packaging options: 100’ lengths; samples also available
  • Made in the USA
See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

Common Applications for Freelin-Wade Vinyl Tubing

Our reinforced PVC tubing is used for a wide range of low- to high-pressure applications. The most common uses include:
  • Soda, wine, beer, and other beverage dispensers
  • Ink printers
  • General laboratory
  • Aerospace
  • and many more

Custom Reinforced PVC Tube

We offer reinforced PVC tubing in a range of stock sizes. However, if none of these options is right for your application, Freelin-Wade can provide custom reinforced PVC tube in OD/ID sizes to meet your unique needs. PVC tubing can be custom printed with the lettering or numbering you need for easy installation and identification. Custom cutting (to length), coiling, packaging, and other options are available. Contact us to discuss your custom tubing requirements.

Phthalate Free Non-Reinforced PVC Tubing

Freelin-Wade also offers non-reinforced PVC tubing. This tubing is made from a special, phthalate-free PVC material that is safer for users and more environmentally friendly than standard PVC. A full line of stock sizes is available, as well as custom sizes and colors. Our non-reinforced vinyl hose is FDA-approved for food contact and is suitable for working pressures up to 165 psi.

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 Our selection of stock sizes and custom options makes it easy to find the right reinforced PVC tubing for your unique application. Order today, or contact Freelin-Wade to learn more about our reinforced PVC tubing.