Plastic Red Tubing

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Red bonded hoses and tubing products provide an easy and efficient way to provide color coding for advanced circuit identification and traceability. Red polyurethane tubing, red polyethylene tubing and red nylon tubing products are also highly resistant to corrosion and a wide range of environmental chemicals. In addition, red flexible tubing provides a longer usable life span, exceptional stability and is extremely cost-effective when compared with other tubing options.
We stock large quantities of both red and transparent red standard tubes and coiled hoses that can be custom manufactured to your exact specifications, in categories such as: length, packaging, durometer, fitting type, working length and more. No matter the application or industry, Freelin-Wade carries a type of plastic red tubing that will meet your project needs.
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Red Polyurethane Tubing

Flexible polyurethane tubing displays the positive benefits of both rubber and plastic. This widely used red tubing product is tear and abrasion resistant, with increased elongation and tensile values. Polyurethane also provides excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals with limited weathering effects. Polyurethane red coiled tubing is also naturally flexible and can be twisted, bent, coiled or flexed into a nearly unlimited amount of positions. 

Common Red Polyurethane Tubing Applications

Red Nylon Tubing

Red nylon tubing provides numerous beneficial features such as excellent abrasion, chemical, moisture and impact resistance. Freelin-Wade tubing utilizes advanced quality resins that allow for greater flexibility, smaller bend radius and a lighter-weight wall.

Applications for Red Nylon Tubing

Red Polyethylene Tubing

Polyethylene tubing is highly durable, flexible and extremely lightweight. Freelin Wade’s tubing is an economical choice that is chemically inert and can form protective barriers when transferring vapors and gases. 

Red Polyethylene Tubing Applications

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