Custom Plastic Tube Packaging

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Packaging needs may vary depending on the type, length and quantity of tubing, as well as the needs of the end user. Plastic packaging and dispenser boxes provide an easy way to organize short lengths of tubing or cut-to-size tubing.  For longer lengths of tubing, plastic or cardboard reels offer an effective storage solution that can be placed on dowels for use with plastic tubing dispensers.

Standard and Custom Packaging Solutions for Plastic Tubing 

Freelin-Wade offers a wide range of standard and custom packaging solutions. Whether you need 50 feet of plastic tubing or 2,000 feet, we have the right packaging solution. Our cut plastic tubing and shorter lengths are typically shipped in bags and longer lengths are available in reels or boxes. We also offer a range of custom packaging solutions for our plastic tubes. 
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Standard Packaging Options

Freelin-Wade offers various packaging solutions for long lengths of 100 feet or more, including:
  • Standard Bulk Cardboard Reels (“A Reels”): 21" diameter x 6" wide with 1" I.D. center hub
  • Double Wide Bulk Cardboard Reels: 21” diameter x 12" wide with an open hub
  • Medium Plastic Reels: 10.5" diameter x 6" wide with 3/4" I.D. center hub
  • Small Plastic Reels: 6.5" diameter x 6" wide with 3/4" I.D. center hub
Our options for shorter lengths of tubing include:
  • Dispenser Boxes
  • Plastic Bags:  for custom cut lengths of plastic tubing
  • J Plastic Bags: available in lengths of 50 or 100 feet

Custom Packaging Options

Freelin-Wade can create custom packing solutions based on tubing length or application requirements. Below are a few examples of what we have created for other customers:
  • Lazy Susan Bundles:  accommodate larger bundles of plastic tubes and are shipped on a pallet.
  • Custom Plastic Reels:  ideal longer lengths of plastic tubing that may be too heavy for our Standard Bulk Cardboard reels.
  • Corrugated Plastic A Reels: offer the same features as our standard A Reels except the plastic tubing is wound on corrugated plastic instead of cardboard. Corrugated plastic packing is more durable than carboard but is also lightweight to keep shipping costs low. This packing is also suitable for environments where paper dust is a concern or where reels may come into contact with moisture.  

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Freelin-Wade offers standard and customized plastic tube packaging to meet your specific needs. If you need a different length or have a special packaging requirement, just ask us. Contact us to learn more.