EVA Lined Tubing

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Known for its high-strength and flexibility, Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) lined tubing is ideal for beverage lines and other applications where odorless, tasteless tubing is needed. Freelin-Wade’s EVA Lined LLDPE Beverage Tubing is designed with an inner layer of EVA and outer layer of LLDPE.
Our EVA lined LLDPE tubing is perfect for commercial or retail beverage OEMs, breweries, and even home brewers that need replacement tubing for beverage systems.

EVA Lined Beverage Tubing Features

Freelin-Wade’s LLDPE EVA Lined Beverage Tubing includes the following features:
  • Constructed with NSF51, NSF18, and FDA Compliant EVA liner.
  • Compatible with standard push-to-connect fittings or compression style fittings.
  • Temperature range: --40°F to +150°F.
  • Available in natural - custom colors available if needed,
  • Package sizes from 100ft to 1000ft depending on tube size and application need

Beverage Tubing Applications

  • Beer Tap Lines / Insulated Bundles
  • Cocktail Mixing Units
  • Food Grade Oil Lines
  •  Food Processing
  • Juice Transfer Lines
  • Liquor Transfer
  • Soda Dispensing / Syrup Transfer Lines
Customization options include cutting, packaging, jacketing/bundling, custom colors, custom printing.

Order Wholesale EVA Lined Beverage Tubing Today

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