I am looking for a semi-rigid clear nylon tube with a .500 O.D and a .320 I.D.

Nylon tubing resin results in a “milk jug white” color so the product would not be clear (like a window pane). We are capable of producing custom Nylon Tubing strands extrusions which is what this would become.

Can your super soft Nylon 11 tubing be used for a peristaltic pump?

Unfortunately none of our tubing is recommended for use with peristaltic pumps.

Can Nylon tubing be stretched at the factory to eliminate slight curvature without significantly reducing wall thickness?

When the product is extruded it is coiled onto a larger reel to facilitate manufacturing and storage. As a result the product will have a curvature. We do not have a method to produce a product that lies flat and are unable to remove the curvature after it is extruded.