Plastic Tubing Sizes

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Tubing is measured using the size of the inside diameter (I.D.) and outside diameter (O.D.). The measurement between the inside and outside diameter of a plastic tube is referred to as “the wall” and is used to measure tube strength: the thicker the wall, the stronger the tube. Wall thickness, along with the plastic material, also determines the rigidity and weight of plastic tubing.

Even if two tubes have the same outer diameter, they can have very different inside diameters depending on the wall thickness. The I.D. is extremely important when considering the desired flow rate or PSI for your application and determines the type and size of fitting your tube can accommodate. The length and O.D., on the other hand, are both important for ensuring the plastic tubing will fit in the space or equipment being used.

Custom Sized Plastic Tubing Material Options

We also offer 20 other resin material options in custom tubing. Contact us to talk more about your about custom sized tubing project!

Plastic Tubing in Standard and Custom Sizes

Freelin-Wade has a ready-made die for all our standard tubing sizes and an in-house die shop to accommodate custom sizing requests. The smallest custom tube we can manufacture is 1/8” O.D. with 0.066” I.D., depending on the plastic resin choice, and the largest plastic tube we can manufacture is 1” outside diameter.

A range of sizing information should be considered before selecting your plastic tubing. Our product catalog lists the O.D., I.D., wall, working pressure, band radius, and fitting measurements in inch and metric options for Freelin-Wade’s standard tubing sizes and materials.
If you have a question regarding custom sizing, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Contact Us for Plastic Tubing in Custom Sizes

Freelin-Wade offers plastic tubing in various standard sizes and can accommodate custom die sizing upon request. We measure the length, I.D. and O.D. of all standard and custom tubing to ensure accurate size. You can rest assured knowing that you will receive the correct size of plastic tubing every time.

Contact us for more information about custom sizes for your plastic tubing.