Customized Flexible Plastic Tubing

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Made from molten polymer plastic fed through a customized die, custom plastic tubing is used in many different industries including medical, food and beverage, automotive and construction. Plastic tubing can also be useful for home projects.

While standard plastic tubing comes in pre-made dimensions and shapes, custom tubing provides greater utility. By customizing the material, size, and profile, plastic tubes become more efficient, cost-effective, and versatile. Freelin-Wade is also the industry’s fastest custom color producer.

We offer 28 standard colors and are able to custom match or create any color your project requires by simply using any Pantone® color or a color swatch.
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Customized Plastic Tubing from Freelin-Wade

Freelin-Wade specializes in custom plastic tubing to make projects easier and more cost-effective for our customers. We offer more than 4,000 standard tubing, hose, and accessories conveniently ready to ship within 24 hours, and endless customizations to meet your application needs.
Each plastic tube begins as hundreds of small resin pellets. These pellets are fed into an extruder and melted together at various temperatures throughout the machine. The molten plastic is then processed thru a customized die to create your desired shape. When the color, size, and shape reach the desired dimensions, the tubing is fed through a trough of cold water to set. What is produced is customized plastic tubing that meets the customer’s specifications.

Custom Flexible Plastic Tubing Options

Plastic Tubing Material Customization

Beyond our standard stock of flexible materials such as nylon, vinyl, polyurethane, and polyethylene, we use 13 other resin formulas for customization. Whether you need a material that is fire-retardant or medical grade, you can choose your custom tubing to meet the heat, strength, and durability requirements of your project.

Tubing Bundling

Bundled plastic tubes help save space and reduce installation time and provide protection for individual pieces of wire or plastic tubing. Plastic tube bundling can combine tubing and electrical wiring or cabling and helps provide resistance to water, chemicals and oils, and provide protection against damage corrosion. Bundling is also used for color coding and organizing plastic tubing systems.

Bonded Plastic Tubing

Color-coded plastic tubing makes organization a breeze. With our in-house specialty bonding process, Freelin-Wade can combine two or more tubes of any size and color to simplify any future troubleshooting, replacement, or line tracing. With our bonding technology, tubes can also be easily separated, leaving behind no residue.

Coextruded Plastic Tubing

With our coextrusion capabilities, customers are no longer limited to the properties of a single tube. We can combine multiple materials by pressing them through the same die, creating a single plastic tubing with all properties your project needs. If you need the flexibility of polyurethane and the chemical resistance of nylon, coextrusion is your answer.

Coiled Plastic Tubing

Coiling is an effective way to keep flexible plastic tubing organized, while still getting the most out of the tube’s working length. By customizing your tubing diameter, you are also customizing the retractability of the coil, as well as the length it can be stretched and still used comfortably. You can add coiling to any nylon or polyurethane standard or custom tubing.

Plastic Tube Color Customization

In addition to the 28 opaque, transparent, neon, and dental stock colors we offer, Freelin-Wade is the industry’s fastest custom color producer. We can match your plastic tubing to any provided color swatch.  

Custom Tube Cutting

If your project needs precise lengths, Freelin-Wade has the expertise and equipment to efficiently cut your custom flexible plastic tubing. Our process produces accurately measured cuts, while saving you money and reducing waste.

Jacketed Plastic Tubing

Jacketing offers another way to organize your tubing with a cleaner, more user-friendly experience. We offer expandable webbing and spiral wrapping, and can also bundle together assorted sizes, materials, colors and colors with our PVC jacketed extruded bundles. Freelin-Wade has developed a process for jacketing longer lengths and can also bundle wire and tubes together.

Packaging & Labeling

If your project requires longer lengths or different packaging requirements, we offer several customized options. Our standard packaging practice is bags for short lengths, but we ship longer lengths on reels or in boxes. We also offer custom reels such as plastic reels for longer lengths, lazy susan bundles, header cards, and labels.

Custom Printing

Printing can reduce future errors when replacing tubes and allows you to Kaizen your equipment, leading to more efficient work. Freelin-Wade can print your custom specs on any order of plastic tubing over 5,000 feet—for free! A nominal charge applies to smaller orders. You can print text like names or contact information, but also graphics like your company logo.

Plastic Tubing Shapes and Profiles

Naturally, most of our plastic tubing is round, but we can provide custom plastic tubing in nearly any shape you need. Our expert team will work with you to ensure that the profile you receive matches your exact requirements.

Custom Tube Sizes

Don't see plastic tubing in the dimensions that you need? We have most dies already made, as well as an in-house die shop. We’re happy to extrude the customized plastic tubing that you need.

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