Custom Tubing

The Freelin-Wade website and catalog have more than 4,000 stock items  available. Nearly all of our plastic tubing products are available to ship the same day you order them -- our tubing fits and arrives on time!. That's one of the reasons that we are so easy to do business with. Another way that we work to be your favorite supplier is with our plastic tubing variations.  Dozens of times every day, we get requests for things that aren't exactly in  our catalog... and we love to say, "Yes. We can do that."


Plastic Tubing  Variations Made Easy!

Above is a list of our most common variations. Want us to jacket your wires with our plastic tubing? Maybe  you'd like a special coil with ends going  different directions. What about having us bond your plastic tubing together to give your machine a finished, organized look? We make ordering plastic tubing variations easy. Just  give us a call and learn how we can help with your project. It will make your  life easier and you'll be surprised at how affordable the options are.


Your team analyzed the problems and prototyped solutions. Some ideas worked and some didn’t. You worked on it until you got all of the parts to work together. We know the process and that’s why we make hundreds of prototypes for teams like yours, every month. Just give us a call. We are happy to send out samples and build prototypes for you.