Custom Plastic Tube Profiles

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Plastic tubing profiles feature a more complex design than standard plastic tubing and are created using the extrusion process where heated resin pellets are pushed through a die and then sent through a cooling trough. Plastic profiles feature both simple and complex shapes and are produced with rigid and flexible designs using a wide range of plastic materials. The profiles can be round, oval, or custom-shaped tubes and feature a series of cross-sectional channels that run the entire length of the tube. The channels within the profile tube can also vary in size or have varied wall thicknesses.
Profiles are used by a range of industries including medical, dental, electrical, food service and automotive. Custom tubing profiles are ideal for high volume production runs and are frequently used for applications where a unique shape is needed to fit into a component or create a specialized finished look. Common plastic tube profile applications include tubing for beverage machines, parts feeders, medical equipment tubing, electrical wiring, and more.
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Custom Plastic Tubing Profiles for Any Application

Freelin-Wade manufactures plastic tubing profiles in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer plastic tubing in a range of materials for use with liquids, gases and chemicals and offer over 28 standard colors with an option for customization using Pantone® colors. We also carry standard medical and dental colors for your profile tubing needs.
Our profile tubing can be fully customized based on your specifications, just let us know what shape and size your application requires, and we will work with you to create the profile you need.

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