The colors in this chart are not realistic representations of actual tubing colors. The limitations of the web, your computer, and your browser all affect color. The only way to really evaluate the color of our tubing is to request a sample. Call us at 888-373-9233!

01 Black
02 Brown
03 Silver
04 Gray
05 Red
06 Green
07 Blue
08 Yellow
09 Orange
10 Natural
11 White
12 Purple
14 Lt. Gray
25 Trans Red
26 Trans Green
27 Trans Blue
28 Trans Yellow
29 Trans Orange
32 Trans Purple
37 Ice Blue
45 Neon Pink
46 Neon Green
48 Neon Yellow
49 Neon Orange
54 Sterling
72 Sand
81 Off White
92 Surf

Example of Color Coding the part number when ordering: 1A-201-07

Note: If you require printing on your tube we suggest dark tubing print using white ink and light tubing uses black ink. If you are unsure of your options please inquire with our team for their professional opinion.

For more information about material options, check out our colored tubing materials section. 

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