Freelin-Wade, reducing, recycling and reusing are ingrained into our culture.

In our offices, employees recycle virtually all paper and other office waste. In addition, we continue to make strides towards going “paperless” in this decade.

We recycle our scrap throughout our operation. This dramatically cuts our waste and reduces our footprint on the environment.

Freelin-Wade utilizes mechanical and electronic filtering systems to remove oil particulates from smoke generated during production operations before exhausting to the atmosphere.

Water Usage:
Freelin-Wade uses chilled filtered water to cool its extruded products. This water is recycled during the production process and is only drained at the end of each day. No contaminants are passed to the water in the production process

Freelin-Wade recycles/destroys its machine oils & hazardous waste chemicals through licensed companies in accordance with EPA Guidelines.

Die Cleaning:
Freelin-Wade utilizes a high-temperature die cleaning oven to reduce plastic film left on tooling to a fine dust. The high operating temperature of this oven reduces the amount of exhausted particulates with virtually zero emissions.

Contaminated Plastic Materials:
Freelin-Wade recycles waste plastic with licensed plastic recycling companies. Small amounts of contaminated materials are land filled under EPA Guidelines.

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