Colored Clear Flexible Tubing

  • Transparent green polyurethane tubing

Clear and colored transparent tubing provides a convenient way to organize multiple tubes in your work environment, while also being able to see thru the tubing. Utilizing a wide range of tube colors within your application allows for simplified line-tracing, which makes line replacement and repair more simplified. The transparent nature of the clear PVC and Polyurethane tubing also makes it easier to view the liquid inside the tubes, which can prevent kinks and the incorrect transfer of liquids through certain lines.
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Clear PVC Tubing (Clear Vinyl Tubing)

Freelin Wade manufactures extremely versatile PVC transparent clear and colored tubing products. When combined with a plasticizer our clear vinyl tubing is tremendously flexible and is a great choice for clear plastic tubing. The utilization of transparent colored or clear PVC tubing provides cleanliness, efficiency and longevity to a wide range of applications. Additionally, our transparent colored and clear flexible PVC tubing is manufactured using a non-DEHP, non-Phthalate plasticizer, which is a bio-based and environmentally conscious plastic tubing material.

Reinforced Clear & Transparent Colored Tubing

Our reinforced PVC hose is crystal clear for simple and accurate monitoring of fluid flow. It has a smooth inner and outer surface that stops sediment accumulation and is resistant to bacteria and pathogens. This makes it a perfect tubing solution for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other applications that require clean-critical clear flexible PVC hose.

Benefits of Our Colored & Clear Flexible PVC Tubing

Freelin-Wade’s see-thru colored and clear PVC maintains an ultra-smooth interior and exterior which prevents sediment accumulation, making it complementary for numerous food & beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industry applications. Some of the benefits related to clear PVC tubing, include:
  • Crystal clear for easy visualization of fluid flow.
  • Non-standard colors also available.
  • Custom sizes available from .090” to 3/4” OD.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Non-oxidizing and non-contaminating
  • Smooth, polished inner wall.
  • Easily slips over barbed fittings
  • REACH, RoHS, Cal Prop 65 compliant.
  • Materials certificates available showing full traceability.
  • Gamma & EtO sterilizable.
At Freelin Wade our see-thru colored PVC tubing is what sets us apart from other manufacturers. We custom manufacture our PVC and polyurethane tubing in a variety of color options, including: clear blue tubing, clear red tubing, clear green tubing, clear yellow tubing, clear orange tubing and more.
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Transparent Colored & Clear Polyurethane Tubing

Freelin Wade’s transparent colored and clear flex tubing is available in a wide range of styles and sizes, configurations and hardness levels. No matter what your application, we have the right polyurethane tubing for your needs.

Clear & Colored Polyurethane Tubing Sizes

Clear & Colored Polyurethane Tubing Styles

Benefits of Transparent Colored & Clear Polyurethane Tubing

Freelin-Wade's colored and clear PU tubing displays a high resistance to abrasion, while being highly flexible and kink resistant. Polyurethane will stretch and flex but always return to its original shape; that’s the “memory” that makes our transparent colored and clear plastic tubing unique from other tubing products. Some of the other features and benefits associated with our PU tubing, include:
  • Extremely flexible with excellent memory
  • Kink & abrasion resistant
  • Low gas permeability, extractables and compression set
  • Resistant to chemicals, water, fuel, oil and fungus
  • Transparent and opaque colors
  • Securely grips barbed fittings

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