Nylon Mini Coils

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Nylon tubing mini coils are tough and abrasion resistant, and the coiled material provides extreme flexibility. Miniature coiled tubing is easy to handle and ideal for use anywhere high pressure is required in limited space, such as small pneumatic tools and robotic applications.

Nylon coiled tubing also offers excellent return and coil memory, and mini nylon tube coils are rated for working pressures as high as 298 psi. Unlike the full-size nylon tubing, nylon mini coils are not equipped with fittings.

All of Freelin-Wade’s mini coiled tubing features two inch (2”) integral pigtails on each end. Despite not having fittings, the pigtails allow for easy connection to standard compression fittings, as well as instant push to connect fittings. 

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Literature and Additional Information

Miniature Coiled Nylon Tubing Specifications

  • Temperature range: -60° to 180°F (-51° to 82°C)
  • Vacuum rating: to 28” Hg
  • Diameter tolerances: ±0.004”
  • Tube markings: FW specifications
  • Standard tail lengths: 2” on each end

Pneumatic Nylon Coiled Tubing Features

  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • Self-retracting
  • Oil, grease, and corrosion resistant

Nylon Mini Coiled Tube Options

Freelin-Wade offers miniature coiled nylon tubing in two stock OD/ID combinations, a variety of working lengths, and in eight standard colors including: black, white, gray, red, green, blue, yellow, and orange. Our miniature coils are also available in a translucent tubing option. We have mini coiled tubes for nearly any application.
If none of our stock miniature nylon tube coils meet your requirements, we can produce custom coiled nylon tubing that matches your unique specifications. Size, color, packaging, custom printing with the lettering or numbering you need, cut to length, and other options are available, making it easy to create the ideal coiled nylon tube for your application. Contact us to discuss your custom tubing needs.

Coiled Tubing Terminology

With coiled tubing, coil diameter plays a very significant role in retractability. The smaller and tighter the coil diameter, the “snappier” and more retractable the tubing becomes.
  • Working length: The working length of coiled tubing is based on how far a coil can be stretched and used comfortably. Tail length is factored into working length.
  • Retracted length: This refers to the length of the coiled section of the body of the coil. It does not include the length of the tails.
  • Tails (or pigtails): Pigtails make it easier to use coiled tubing. Freelin-Wade uses 2” tails for our mini coiled tubing. Coils with shorter or longer tails are available upon request.

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In addition to miniature coiled tubing, we also offer larger coiled nylon tube, as well as standard nylon tubingnylon D.O.T. tubinghigh pressure nylon 11 tubing, and Super Soft Nylon 11 tubing. Order mini nylon tube coils for your application, or contact Freelin-Wade for more information.