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Introduction to Freelin-Wade: What Can Freelin-Wade Do for you?

How it is Made: Freelin-Wade Plastic Tubing Extrusion

How we measure our tubing at Freelin-Wade

Plastic Tubing Order Processing at Freelin-Wade
Freelin-Wade is known for worry-free plastic tubing. See how we process a simple tubing order.


Silcryn (TM) Dental Tubing
Silcryn dental tubing is tear resistant, with a low memory so it hangs flat and straight, and won't tangle. Silcryn tubes are uniform in color and have a soft matte-like appearance for a high-end look and feel.


Fre-Thane Plastic Tubing
Fre-Thane is highly flexible and kink resistant polyurethane tubing that is resistance to abrasion. It has a great "memory" so it can stretch and flex but will always return to its original shape.