Is your tubing compatible with a variety of standards?

There are applications that require that tubing comply with various agency regulations. Some more common compliance requests include: FDA Food & Drug Administration, NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), ROHS etc. Many of our tubing products meet these compliances and specific information can be found in our catalog. Some regulations are very general, while others are very specific. We do not test for every standard but are happy to provide a sample so the end user can have the product evaluated at their own expense.

What is RoHS?

Please click here for our RoHS statement.

Which of your tubing complies with NSF 61?

Our polyurethane tubing is produced with NSF 61 compliant materials.

Does your Nylon 11 tubing meet the UL requirement UL94HB flammability rating?

Yes, our Nylon 11 resin meets UL94HB testing requirements.

Are Freelin-Wade hoses UL, CSA, and CE approved?

We do not have UL, CSA or CE listings on our products. However, many of our resins are compliant to certain UL requirements.