FDA-Compliant Food-Grade Plastic Tubing

Need some FDA approved PVC for the lines in your beverage dispensing tower? Do you need food-grade polyethylene for that commercial kitchen? Need some tubing safe for drinking water? Freelin-Wade carries a wide selection of high-performance food-safe tubing for all your food and beverage tubing needs.
For over 40 years, customers in the food and beverage industry have looked to Freelin-Wade to help solve their specific tubing requirements. Whether you need something that is FDA, NSF51, or NSF 61 compliant, we have the right solution for you.nylon tubing

Food-Grade Polyurethane Tubing Materials

Freelin-Wade manufactures food-grade hosing that accommodates application-specific pressure and temperature requirements. Our extensive selection of food-safe, FDA compliant tubing includes polyurethane, polyethylene, nylon, and PVC tubing options.
  • Polyethylene LLDPE. An economical tube that offers flexibility and stress-crack resistance when compared to standard LDPE.
  • Polyurethane. Highly versatile, polyurethane offers kink and abrasion and chemical resistance as well as resistance to mold and bacteria growth, while providing low gas permeability.
  • Nylon. Tubing material that can withstand high temperatures and pressures when compared to other materials.
  • Poly-vinyl Chloride (PVC). As an efficient tubing material, Freelin-Wade’s PVC is environmentally conscious as well as contamination and oxidation-resistant.
  • Kynar®. An alternative to Teflon® and high purity material ideal for applications requiring an odorless, tasteless tube.
  • Liquiflex®. Ideal for transferring liquids in low-pressure applications. Highly-durable and flexible with low outgassing.

Food-Grade Plastic Tubing Industry Applications

Flexible food-grade poly tubing is essential for a wide range of commercial uses, including:   
  • Food & Beverage Dispensing Equipment - Flexibility, chemical resistance, FDA and NSF compliance, and high-performance are some factors to consider for food and beverage tube dispensing.
  • Beer and Liquor Dispensing – We have introduced a new EVA lined Polyethylene tube that excels within this application. You can find more information on this specialty product below.
  • Air Line Dispensing – Many production facilities require their air lines to be FDA compliant. Depending on your working pressure and temperatures, Freelin-Wade has an FDA compliant product to meet your air line needs
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EVA Lined Beverage Tubing

EVA lined beverage tubing is flexible enough to make long runs and complicated installs seamless and easy. Freelin-Wade’s EVA Lined LLDPE Beverage Tubing is manufactured with a thin layer EVA, which provides an unsurpassed vapor barrier that can be easily rinsed to transition to a new beverage or flavor with no residual flavor or odors left behind. The LLDPE outer layer makes working with standard fittings and tight spaces quick and easy.  EVA lined beverage tubing is ideal for soda, beer, juice, and liquor.
EVA Lined LLDPE Tubing is used by commercial and retail venue beverage OEM’s, installation companies, breweries, home brewers, and as a replacement tubing for many food and beverage systems.

Suggested EVA Tube Applications

  • Soda Dispensing / Syrup Transfer Lines
  • Liquor Transfer
  • Food Processing
  • Beer Tap Lines / Insulated Bundles
  • Juice Transfer Lines
  • Food Grade Oil Lines
  • Cocktail Mixing Units

EVA Tubing Specifications

EVA Tubing is Known for its high strength and flexibility

Temperature Range: -40˚F to +150˚F
Diameter Tolerances: ±.005"
Tube Markings: Freelin-Wade Markings
Working Pressure: 3:1 Safety Factor
Base Resin Compliance: FDA Food Contact, NSF Compliant
Recommended Fittings: Push to Connect

FDA Compliant Food Safe Tubing

At Freelin-Wade, we understand that if you’re not able to maintain compliance with FDA standards, you’ll lose your business – that’s why we guarantee that our tubing meets regulatory standards such as:
  • RoHS
  • NSF61
  • NSF51
  • Phthalate-free requirements
FDA guidelines include regulatory compliance for plastic materials intended for food equipment and food contact applications.

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If you don’t see what you are looking for, reach out to your food grade tubing experts or call us at 888-373-9233. Our food-grade tubing experts can help determine which tubing material will be best suited for your application needs.