Auto Equipment Manufacturing Applications

Freelin-Wade has provided the Automotive Industry with durable and flexible polyurethane and nylon recoils to help maintain organization and safety at their manual workstations. We have also provided our semi-rigid high-pressure nylon tubing for the higher-pressure grease lines.

For the robotic side, our Spatter Guard SRT tube is just the right product for quick and easy installation and protection against incidental weld spatter. And for the painting robots, our nylon tubing has proven to be perfect for its flexibility and solvent resistance.

Though nylon 6 is the most common commercial grade nylon, Freelin-Wade’s nylon resins allow for a lighter-weight wall, greater flexibility, and a smaller bend radius. It also offers higher corrosion resistance than other types of nylon tubing, thanks to its resistance to moisture absorption.

Need abrasion resistance for those cat tracks?

Try our Fre-Thane® polyurethane tubing in a wide selection of colors and durometers. Not sure exactly what you need? We are always happy to provide design expertise and rapid prototyping options.

Below are links to some of our most popular tubing for the automotive industry:

Robotics Product Recommendations

Robotics Machine

Spatter Guard SRT


Paint Applications Product Recommendations

Applying Paint to a Car



Lubrication Applications Product Recommendations


HP Nylon


Manual Assembly Line Product Recommendations

Manual Assembly Line

Reinforced Polyurethane Hose
Flexeel® Coils
Spatter Guard SRT

Hoist Applications Product Recommendations

Hoisting a Car

Nylon Coils

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