Pneumatic tubing is ideal for rapid movement operations and can be used in a variety of industries.  The basic functionality of pneumatic tubing consists of dispensing pressurized, compressed air to valves, actuators, or other pneumatic components. Pneumatic tubing utilizes thermoplastics to provide increased chemical resistance and flexibility. 
Selecting the right pneumatic tubing material often depends on your application requirements. Freelin-Wade is proud to supply pneumatic tubing in a variety of sizes and colors depending on your needs. Browse our product offering below, call us at 1-888-373-9233 or contact us for more information on our pneumatic tubing offerings today.

Flexible Tubing For Pneumatics & Pneumatic Systems

Freelin-Wade manufactures pneumatic tubing materials that accommodates application-specific pressure and temperature requirements. Our extensive selection pneumatic tubing includes polyurethane, polyethylene, nylon, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing options.

Pneumatic Polyurethane Tubing

PUR pneumatic tubing offers excellent flexibility and is leak, kink and abrasion resistant. Common uses include tubing for air tools, fuel lines and fluid circuitry.

Pneumatic Nylon Tubing

This chemical, corrosion and stress crack-resistant tubing is known for withstanding higher temperatures and pressures. Pneumatic nylon tubing can be custom produced to meet your specific application requirements.

Pneumatic Polyethylene Tubing

Also known as poly or PE tubing, polyethylene pneumatic tubing is impermeable to gas and moisture and offers increased flexibility and durability. This puncture and crack-resistant material is ideal for fluid-handling applications.

Pneumatic PVC Tubing

Our PVC pneumatic tubing resists chemicals, oxidation, and contamination and is compatible with most fuels, gases, oils, and low-grade acids. PVC tubing is exceptionally lightweight and flexible.

Custom Tubing For Pneumatics & Pneumatic Applications

We can produce custom pneumatic tubing specifically manufactured to meet your specifications.  Freelin-Wade can create:  bonded and jacketed tube sets to speed installation, custom retractable coils for unique space requirements, non-standard tube OD’s and ID’s, cut to length products and much more.

Industry Compliant Pneumatic Nylon, Polyethylene & PVC Tubing

Freelin-Wade’s pneumatic tubing meet a variety of compliances to ensure your equipment is not at risk.  Specific compliances can be found for each resin in our catalog. Some of the regulatory standards are:
  • FDA
  • RoHS
  • Prop 65
  • NSF61
  • NSF51
  • Phthalate-free requirements

Discuss Your Pneumatic Tubing Needs with Freelin-Wade Today

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