Spiral coiled air hose products are designed to provide a convenient and effective way to transfer air and many other different types of gases. They save space and reduce workplace clutter by stretching and retracting out of the way after use. The construction of a coiled air hose consists of a compressed length, working length and tail length that is coupled with the hose’s coiled inside and outside diameters. Coiled air hoses are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of everyday work environments; they are specifically engineered to handle the stresses of continuous use in many different types of heavy-duty industries. Spiral hose products are manufactured using only the materials that best support the hoses’ intended application.

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Choosing the Correct Coiled Pneumatic Hose Material & Size

Selecting the proper material and product size for your application can determine the difference between successful job completion and a frustrated mess. Since spiral air pneumatic hose is primarily used to transfer pressurized air to numerous types of tools and devices, it is of vital importance that the material and size of tubing that is used is congruent with the application at hand. In general, there are three main components to consider when purchasing a coiled pneumatic hose, these include:
  • Material
  • Length
  • Size
The material that is chosen for your intended application will dictate the product’s overall performance, with each material providing different performance levels under differing circumstances. The correct length and size of the tube used will solely be determined by the coil’s applicable uses. A super long hose will provide access to areas throughout your work environment, but it will also add extra bulk that may be inconvenient to store. Also, the inner sizing diameter of the coiled air hose along with its pressure rating will determine the hose’s air delivery capacity.

Nylon Spiral Air Hose

Nylon tubing is extremely tough and abrasion resistant, with added flexibility and dimensional stability. Nylon coiled air hose is economical, lightweight, self-retracting and corrosion resistant. This highly durable tubing product has a temperature range of -60° to 180°F (-51° to 82°C), which allows it to be used in extreme environments. Nylon mini coils provide the same durability and abrasion resistance as standard nylon coiled pneumatic hose but in a smaller version that can be used for applications that require smaller tubing and push to connect fittings.

Polyurethane Coiled Air Hose

Coiled air hose that is manufactured from polyurethane material provides extreme flexibility without the hassle of twisting and kinking during use, or when stored. Polyurethane’s beneficial elasticity also allows the spiral hose to return to resting form, even after continued use. Additionally, polyurethane material is extremely oil resistant and maintains continued flexibility throughout acute temperature ranges. Some of the additional advantages related to a polyurethane coiled air hose, includes:
  • Resist kinking, crushing and twisting
  • Excellent oil resistance
  • Extremely light
  • Working temperature range of -30°F to +150°F (-34°C to +65°C)
  • Extended service life
  • Increased elastic properties
  • Can be used with barb or push to connect fittings
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Flexeel® Spiral Coiled Air Hose

A Flexeel® coiled air hose is a polyurethane tube that is reinforced with an inner braid mesh for extreme tubing support and durability. Flexeel® coiled pneumatic hoses provide the benefit of small diameter flexibility with the structure and strength of a larger diameter hose. These specialized spiral coiled air hoses also provide the same kink and twist resistance as our standard polyurethane coiled air hoses. With a temperature range of -40°F to 165°F (-40°C to 74°C) these advanced quality tubes can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Single Tube Polyurethane Spiral Air Hose

Single tube spiral air hose is extremely flexible, while maintaining excellent memory and kink resistance. The tube’s unique ether base allows this coiled air hose to be stretched and flexed with no deformation of the tube. At Freelin Wade we offer this style of coiled tube in a bevy of colors and a wide range of custom variation options. Some of the specific applications associated with a single tube coiled air hose, include:
  • Robotics
  • Slurry transfer
  • Insulating sleeves
  • Fluid transfer lines
  • Vacuum equipment

Multi-Bore Twin Bonded Coiled Air Hose

This style of uniquely bonded spiral air pneumatic hose is used to effectively transfer both fluids and gas products. The tube’s exclusive design allows for the transfer of different types of fluid or gas through each of the tubing chambers, which is ideal for applications that require the use of multiple fluids or gases. Similar to our other coiled tubing products, multi-bore twin bonded spiral hose is resistant to both kinking and twisting.

Multi-Colored Ribbon Coiled Air Hose

For applications that require the routing of two or more lines, multi-colored ribbon tubing allows for multi-product transfers with a built-in, color coded identification safety feature. Along with kink and bend resistance, multi-colored ribbon tubing provides low gas permeability and is resistant to chemicals, water, fuel, oil, and fungi.

Fre-Thane® Metric Single Tube Spiral Air Hose

Metric single tube polyurethane coiled air hoses provide exceptional memory and a greater degree of flexibility, with added softness. It is also extremely tough and resistant to abrasion, overstretching, kinking, and repeated flexing.

Flexible Wrist Coils

Flexible wrist coils are lanyard devices that can be used as keychains that fit snuggly around the wrist for ultra-convenient transportation. Our wrist coils are manufactured from premium quality polyurethane tubing and are extremely strong and light weight. Flexible wrist coils are ideal for customer/client gifts and are available in 19 different colors.

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