Introducing Freelin-Wade’s EVA Lined LLDPE Beverage Tubing.  A thin inner layer of EVA gives an unsurpassed vapor barrier that can easily be rinsed to transition to a new beverage or flavor with no residual flavor left behind, while the outer layer of LLDPE makes working with standard fittings and in tight spaces a breeze.

EVA Lined LLDPE tubing is used by commercial and retail venue beverage OEM’s, installation companies, breweries, home brewers and as a replacement tubing for many food and beverage systems.  It is commonly used for For soda, beer, juice, and liquor.  For more information click here.

Features of EVA Tubing

  • Constructed with NSF51, NSF18 and FDA Compliant EVA liner.

  • Compatible with standard push-to-connect fittings or compression style fittings.

  • Available in natural - custom colors available if needed!

  • Package sizes from 100ft to 1000ft depending on tube size and application need.