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Nylon Tubing

Scientists at DuPont invented nylon in 1931. Heralded as “the miracle fiber”  because unlike previous manufactured fibers, early nylon was synthesized entirely from petrochemicals. Like other polymers, its first major commercialization came as a textile. DuPont never registered the trademark for nylon, instead hoping that the name would become synonymous  with “stockings.”*

Nylon Tubing Advantages 

Freelin-Wade offers Nylon tubing in a variety of sizes and colors.  There are also a number of variations possible. We’re happy to match any color you need, configure a coil, bond up to two tubes, print it and cut it to length. In addition to the standard Nylon tubing, Freelin-Wade has resins for Soft Nylon 11 Tubing and Nylon 11 High Pressure Tubing. All of our Nylon resins belong to the Polyamide chemical family.  Our Nylon tubing can be ordered as straight or coiled flexible tubing.

Nylon Tubing Features:

  • Strong, lightweight and flexible tubing
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Heat and light stabilized.
  • Resistant to corrosion and stress-cracking.

*Source: American Fiber Manufacturers Association