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Multi-Bore 90A Polyurethane Tubing - 2A-006

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Twin Tube 90A Polyurethane Multi-Bore Tubing

Twin tube 90A polyurethane multi-bore tubing from Freelin-Wade is manufactured from our proprietary Fre-Thane® material. Fre-Thane® provides superior flexibility, kink resistance, and abrasion resistance, along with exceptional shape memory—it can be stretched or flexed to the max, and will always return to its original shape.
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Specifications of Multi-Bore 90A Polyurethane Tubing - 2A-006

  • OD: .125 or 1/8 or 3.2 mm
  • ID: .063 or 1/16 or 1.6 mm
  • Working Pressure at 75F: 190 PSI
  • Working Pressure at 150F: 75 PSI
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is RoHS, REACH and California Prop 65 compliant. Please be advised, Freelin-Wade does not analyze this product for substances of concern.

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