Printing is a great way to Kaizen your equipment. Though you might remember now what tubing was used, printing will assure that whoever replaces the tubing in the future will know what tubing to use. We can print specs, names, contact information and even logos on our tubing. Just let us know what you'd like and we will work with you to make sure that it's exactly right. Worry-Free plastic tubing from Freelin-Wade!

Freelin-Wade can print your custom specs on any order over 5,000 feet for free or for a nominal charge on smaller orders. Most commonly, we print text like a part number, company name, phone number or Web address. We can also print logos or other graphics.


Note: Standard options for printing on tubing are black and white. We do not suggest printing white on light colored tubing nor black on dark colored tubing. If you are unsure of your color options, please request information from a customer service representative.

  • Tube Type: Variations